Are your radiators cold in certain places when turned on? Are they slow to heat up? If so, you may need a Powerflush as you have a build-up of “sludge” and sediment in your system.

Power flushing is proven to be the fastest and most effective way to flush heating systems, and involves minimal disruption and dismantling. If your central heating system suffers from any of the symptoms detailed, below it would almost certainly benefit from Powerflushing.

Most of our Powerflushing customers are choosing for us to Powerflush their system in order to save energy and reduce their fuel bills, make their heating systems more energy efficient and so environmentally friendly, and ensure they avoid many of the common – often costly – problems that can frequently affect central heating systems.

A Powerflush can restore circulation and efficiency to your central heating system by removing undesirable by-products. This simple process purges them from the system, replacing aggressive water with clean water, which is chemically treated with corrosion inhibitors to help prevent similar problems in the future.

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